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I couldn’t be more excited to finally be sharing my kitchen reveal and all the interior design details with you! This has certainly been a LOOOOOONG time coming!!

For those of you who have been waiting (for what feels like and eternity) in anticipation, THANK YOU, and I hope that you feel the same way I do – that it was worth the wait!!

This brings me to a major learning lesson about my renovation overall. Despite being a pro (you guys know that I do this for a living and have renovated and built countless projects), I still fell victim to the “it costs twice as much and takes three times as long” reality that is renovating.

And while my renovation certainly took WAY longer than I had expected, yes, it also cost WAY more than I had budgeted.

One of the biggest reasons for both the delay and the cost overrun was simply (wo)man power. I ran out of steam towards the end of my reno, and yes, I also butt heads with my contractor which didn’t help (you can hear all about that in my #BOHNAFIDE Q&A Video). There were also lots of small items weren’t initially accounted for at the planning stages, like my window bench seat and powder room wallpaper, which in the end just took way longer than I expected.

Additionally, furniture, which wasn’t something that I had planned in as much detail until this point, took a very long time to arrive. I think I waited almost 3 months for kitchen counter stools to arrive, and while they were¬† the final pieces that I needed before gearing up for my reveal, that also caused a delay as well.

In the end, though, I couldn’t be happier with the way my home has turned out and so I’m thrilled to be sharing my kitchen renovation and all my sources with you!


I absolutely love that I decided to go with an all-black kitchen. I second guessed myself numerous times during the design process, thinking that this might turn out too dark, or that it might look too edgy, or feared that I would simply regret the choice once in was done.

Now that it’s complete, I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it at all. In fact, because my home is a townhouse, the black kitchen actually elevates my home. As soon as you step into the front door, you’re immediate greeted by a gorgeous statement kitchen that feels lux and dramatic. Combined with some of the lighter finishes¬† such as the pale white-washed flooring, the white wall & ceiling colors, and the gorgeous white marble, the overall effect is modern and timeless, with an edgy twist.

Kitchen Millwork color: Benjamin Moore, “Black”
Kitchen Island Counter top: IKEA
Flooring: Divine Flooring, Cosmopolitan Collection in “Rome”
Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams, Snowbound
Paint Trade: Fresh Paint


All my appliances were purchased through a long-time House of Bohn partner, Midland Appliances.

I wanted an appliance package that I could integrate into my kitchen, meaning that I could panel all the pieces. I knew all my accents were going to be gold, so I wanted as little stainless showing as possible.

The paneled kitchen appliances is partly why my kitchen looks so elevated and expensive. It has an over-all seamless appearance and feels dramatic and lux at the same time.

Appliances: Midland Appliances


I adore my kitchen faucet and my kitchen sink. A feature that I love most about both, is that they are Canadian brands.

My Aquabrass “Wizard” faucet looks and feels like a true chef’s faucet, except that it’s in a “brushed gold” finish which makes it extra special and unique. Aquabrass is a Canadian company based out of Montreal, so I have a special love for this brand.

My kitchen sink is a black Silgranite sink from Blanco. Blanco’s Silgranite sinks are actually manufactured in Germany and Canada, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to incorporate this particular sink into my home. Another reason is simply because Blanco’s Silgranite sinks are both gorgeous and functional. They’re resistant to heat, scratches and stains, and the black color, or “Anthracite,” was the perfect selection for my color scheme.


All the details in my home and especially my kitchen create a design that absolutely beautiful, functional and above all, completely in-line with my personal aesthetic.

Everything from the beautiful doors (which are not common for a townhouse) to the door hardware, to all the casings and baseboards – each detail was really selected with care and attention.

I really love the end result because it feels modern and slightly retro, edgy yet elegant all at the same time. I absolutely love mixing and matching unexpected materials to create a design that’s unique and interesting, and I truly think that I’ve accomplished this here!


Doors: Metrie
Casings: Metrie
Hardware: Emtek

What do you think? What’s your favorite part of my kitchen?

Leave me a comment below to let me know, and watch the reveal video if you haven’t done so yet!



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